First of all, I grew up Amish and know a lie when I hear one, especially if its concerns the Amish way of life. This show is the farthest from the truth that I have ever seen concerning the Amish. I know there are a lot of people out in the world who have never seen an Amish person and are fascinated by their simplicity of life. This reality show is a shame for those who don’t know anything about the Amish and believe everything these “windy” cast members have to say.

Now about the five cast members, there are public records proving these 5 cast members have all left the Amish-Mennonite long before going to “experience the world for the first time” in NY. I have read article after article about these cast members past and some are quite sticky situations. Please let me explain. First of all, Jeremiah is now in his early thirties and has been around the block a time or two, if I dare say. He has been married, has three children and is divorced as of 2011 for cruelty and neglect of duty. Rebbecca and Abe now have a child together. Abe has said on the show, (episode 2) that he never partied and that statement is false because there is a mugshot of him being arrested for public intoxication in Kentucky. Kate was arrested in Florida for DUI in 2012. Sabrina has records of being married in 2009 and as far as we know is still married. Attached is a link to a Facebook page where public information has been posted by Ex Amish who know the honest truth about these five cast members.